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Ellie Shockley : Archived

Mandan, ND, Mandan School Board, At-Large District, 2021

I believe I can help Mandan serve its students and support its teachers and other personnel.

Welcome to my campaign site! I'm Dr. Ellie Shockley, and I'm running for the Mandan School Board in the June 8, 2021 election. As a child, I had access to a wonderful public K-12 education. I believe that all children in the Mandan School District deserve a great education too. Indeed, education is my passion. I’ve served the State of North Dakota as an education researcher for 5.5 years. I also served on the state's Task Force for Higher Education Governance in 2018. My research has focused on education over the lifespan, as well as teacher turn-over and shortages. Altogether, I have a nuanced understanding of education and school operations. I am a good listener and integrative thinker, and I know I can help Mandan serve its students and support its teachers and other personnel. Here are the core tenets of my campaign: I believe in each child's potential. I support each child's unique learning journey. I respect the needs and concerns of all parents and school staff, and I look forward to working closely with community members. Finally, I am a parent to children who attend Mandan Public Schools. I am excited to contribute to their schools and all schools in the district. Over the next years, the Mandan School Board needs to ensure that our students stay on track in terms of their learning. The pandemic has posed many challenges in our community. I have seen in my research that some students in the state are falling behind. Working with families, school personnel, and administrators is what it will take to help all of the district's students reach their full potential. Whether it's through your vote, your time as a volunteer, or your donation, I ask that you support my campaign for Mandan School Board. Thank you!


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