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Aarika Rhodes : Archived

US Congress (CA-30)

A voice for you.

Aarika has devoted her life to children and education. In 2013, Aarika received the Teacher of the Year Award from the Los Angeles Clippers for her achievement in constructing an effective science curriculum. She has also been published in the Journal for Multicultural Education for an article she co-authored with Dr. Shartriya Collier and Betty Burston entitled: Teaching STEM as a Second Language: Utilizing SLA to Develop Equitable Learning for All Students. In 2018, Aarika was invited to the Better Together Teachers’ Summit at California State University Northridge to speak to dozens of educators about helping every child access curriculum by creating individual connections with each student. Aarika has taught students from diverse backgrounds in public and private schools. She understands the importance of closing the disparity in academic performance between groups of students. Aarika was an active volunteer for former presidential candidate, Andrew Yang. She canvassed in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and all over Los Angeles, where she spoke to hundreds of people about the state of our country. Prior to the suspension of Andrew Yang’s campaign, Aarika was in the process of organizing a town hall which was intended to address issues impacting low income communities. As Aarika was hearing the concerns of everyday people, she was inspired to do something. She feels strongly that everyday people matter and will fight hard to solve the problems that matter most to them. If elected, Aarika will support small businesses, work to close the income gap, and fight for every child’s right to quality education. Visit: AarikaForCongress.com to learn more about our vision for California's 30th Congressional district.


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