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Yenni Desroches : Archived

City Council District 5

Moving Worcester Forward

I am running for Worcester City Council District 5, preliminary election is Sept 14th, 2021, the general election is Nov 2nd, 2021. Currently seeking volunteers to do phone banking, social media, data entry/googling, & more. Happy to take on interns as well! email me yenni@yenniforcouncil.com Worcester is at a crossroads. We are experiencing a huge boom of development, the city is revitalizing, yet it is also leaving so many behind. The effects of the pandemic are only making this more clear. I’m running because it is time for Worcester to show that it is possible to preserve and improve our communities while creating opportunities for everyone to thrive. I moved to Worcester seven years ago when Jon and I bought our home in Newton Square, where we are now owner-occupied landlords. A year later we got married and I opened my small professional pet care business, Next Level Pet Care. Worcester has changed so much since my husband grew up, our transformation into a modern city is an ongoing one that needs to be done carefully to preserve the history and beauty of our city while adapting to the challenges of the 21st century. I'll fight to ensure we continue improving, creating a modern, equitable, and accessible community that honors our history. I will make sure that all voices are not only heard but listened to, while improving infrastructure and public transportation, supporting our schools, expanding access to housing, and improving our natural spaces.


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