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Michael Swanson : Archived

US House IL-18

A better country is possible when we make ourselves heard

Growing up, Michael learned values from his parents that have stuck with him for a lifetime. From his father, the value of hard work; from his mother, resilience. Living the traveling life of the military family, these values became necessary… Having to learn a new place, make new friends, discover different ways of life. He became better off for it as it established his world-view, and love for the country. Michael has worked entry-level minimum wage jobs throughout high school and college. Since graduating college, Michael has jumped through more jobs, pursuing more career opportunities where they present themselves. Through his work experience, Michael undertook an understanding of how the policies of companies can greatly affect the work ethic of employees; when there are too many moving parts within the organization, it creates unnecessary stress. The one thing that workers shouldn’t have to worry about is the comfort of their home life. It is Michael’s belief that workers should have more power in their workplace through a living wage, guaranteed paid leave, and other benefits to help raise workers out of poverty. Everyone’s labor is worth a living wage, whether you are a line cook in fast food, a teacher, in the trades, etc.


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