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Gabriel Cornejo

US President

Renovate America: Out with the old. In with the new.

I’m Gabriel Cornejo. That’s Core-nay-ho. I’m running for President of the United States of America. It’s a weird thing to say, let alone type out. I never thought I’d be doing this, partly because that’s not a thing most people think about. More than that, it doesn’t sound like a fun job. I’d prefer living an uncomplicated life. I’m running because our ship is sinking, and I’d rather stop the people drilling the holes causing the leak than enjoy the music on the way down. That’s me in a nutshell. I’m the guy who wants to be lazy but can’t fight this compulsion to make things right…or at least better. It started with a manger. No, I wasn’t born in one, but I was raised to believe in someone that was. This person spoke of love. Spoke of caring for others. That influenced my early views on life. Being raised in a non-traditional household, with mom and grandparents trading off guard duties over me, I still gleaned that love was the motivation. With those expressions of love, it would only be a matter of time before I’d be empowered to do the same. “You never forget your first”. Imagine being in fifth grade, one of your friends is diagnosed with cancer and would lose their hair. Well, that was my first. My first opportunity to demonstrate care of another through action. I and 13 other classmates and teacher would shave our heads to let our friend know he wasn’t alone. We were dubbed the “Bald Eagles”. The national spotlight came once our story was told. “Good Morning America” and “People” magazine came calling. News publications and celebrities did, too. Not because we did some complicated world-changing thing, like, say, curing caaancer. But because we did the loving thing and put our friend first. I think about that time often. I’m proud to have been amongst such amazing human beings. Yes, my friend fully recovered and has kids now with his loving wife. I think about it now as an adult. Similar in age as they were, I try to comprehend what his parent must have been through. Your child’s health is always a concern, but our healthcare system has never been easy to work with to make matters worse. I’d love to tell you so much more, but if I ramble on any longer, I’ll reach TLDR status…that’s Too Long Didn’t Read for the uninitiated. Let me conclude with this. Love was taught to me, given to me, and then motivated me. This story may have been my first demonstration of love, but with your help, hopefully, it won’t be my greatest demonstration of love.


Tom from Nerds for Humanity pod 12/28/2023
Gabriel comes across as thoughtful, calm, patriotic, and methodical. Kudos for throwing his hat in the ring. I would prefer Phillips but love Gabriel chutzpah and hope his voice and ideas are heard and considered (especially the Freedom Dividend and his balanced approach on Israel-Gaza).

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