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Dan Whitfield : Archived

US Senate

Politicians should work for their constituents, not special interest donors.

Dan believes a politician should be a delegate representative for their constituents. Dan is a working class Arkansan that has been through and understands the daily struggles so many people suffer through. It’s time we have elected senators that are by the people, FOR the people! Americans have suffered many injustices over the last several decades. -Corruption in our government. -Decimation of Unions and worker's rights. -Massive wealth inequality. -Poverty; Low wages; High Taxes; Inflation; Class Warfare. -The failed war on drugs fueling private prison profits. -Law Enforcement inadequacy and racial discrimination. -And so much more... We know it is possible to Build Back Better, but in order to do so we will need representatives with political courage. Dan has that political courage and will fight until his last breath to end these problems in order to make the lives of the working class and poor better. -Dan has pledged to not waste half of his time in office working for you to run a reelection campaign and solicit donations to convince you he is doing a good job. -Dan has pledged to hold 12 townhalls per year so that he can listen to his constituents concerns and relay them into the legislative process. -Dan has pledged to submit up to 12 bills per year that are created by his constituents, not special interest lobbyists. -Dan has pledged to uphold his commitments and promises of supporting the policies that get him elected upon and after taking office. The time has arrived for a new Era in Politics!


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