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Beau Cannon : Archived

House of Representatives, GA CD-11 30080

Let's bring Honor, Dignity, and Respect for the American People back to Congress.

My name is Beau Cannon. I'm an Air Force Veteran, pansexual pagan. I served from 2005 to 2013. While in, I marched in Arlington National Cemetery performing military funerals and then worked on Combat Search and Rescue helicopters. I watched as partisan politics destroyed the country I love. I started to question why I served if the elected officials cared more about deepening their pockets instead of serving the American people. So I decided that I would run to fix the government as much as I can. I care about Military and Veteran Mental and Physical health, M4A, police and criminal justice reform, Universal Guaranteed Income, housing is a human right, common sense gun law reform and many other things.

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