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James Coleman : Archived

California State Assembly

I've got the courage to act

I'm running to make sure California works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected. My passion for addressing income inequality, and challenging our government to do more for the working people who fuel our community is something that is very personal to me. My father was a FedEx worker. My mom is a Taiwanese immigrant who works as a lab assistant at Kaiser. When I was 5, my father was tragically injured which forced my mother to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet. I've seen first hand the struggles that far too many families face when tragedy occurs, but I also saw the resilience that exists within our shared communities. I stand firm in my belief that our government must work to ensure that working families don't just have enough to make ends meet, but are able to really thrive and succeed. Last year we made history when I became South San Francisco's first openly LGBTQ+ and youngest council member ever elected. Together in our first year on council, we led the creation of a guaranteed income pilot program, passed a $5 Hazard Pay ordinance for our essential grocery store workers, worked to aggressively expand childcare, and set South City on a path to build mixed-income social housing. This only happened because people from all over our community came together with a vision and firm belief that a better future was possible. Now, we have the opportunity to bring our bold progressive vision to Sacramento!


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