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Rishi Kumar

US Congress (CA-16)

Your Interests Not Special Interests

Polling Data: Rishi is poised to win. Polling shows Anna Eshoo's support has sunk to 35%. Rishi Kumar, her Democratic challenger has highlighted Eshoo’s corruption and is poised to win! There are no Republicans in this race. Rishi won 127,000 votes in the November 2020 general election - the highest number for any Eshoo challenger in decades. Rishi’s November 2022 target for victory is a total of 150,000 votes. Rishi defeated 6 strong contenders on June 7, 2022 to make it to the November 2022 General Election, while Anna Eshoo’s vote count was the 2nd worst amongst 52 congressional incumbents in California, and a historic low for her at 47% compared to the 73% norm. The issues with Eshoo Anna Eshoo supports the shift to privatize senior Medicare with ACO REACH. She has accepted $4.5 million from Pharma/Healthcare companies, Washington lobbyists, and gun systems manufacturers. She’s been bought and paid for by corporate interests - not the people she represents. Eshoo's support has seen a huge drop For three decades, she routinely got 70% of the vote, but she received only 48% in June's primary — the second worst showing for any Democratic incumbent in CA. Why the drop? Eshoo’s corruption and appetite for dark money have finally caught up to her. Voters value honesty and integrity: Eshoo claims responsibility for 50 pieces of legislation, but only four of her sponsored bills have become law! It’s time for change! I will leverage the extraordinary technical and financial resources of the richest, most innovative congressional district in America to act on the issues unaddressed for decades such as Medicare for All, reproductive rights, climate change, and stopping the senseless deaths of our children at school. I will defend our democracy, protect our seniors from the exploitation and privatization of Medicare, reduce crime, inflation and the exodus. I'll establish an additional congressional office at the coastside to ensure we prioritize the coastal issues. I will get more done in my first two years than Eshoo has done in decades, and NEVER sell out.. I will push for a cleanup of Washington with term limits, ban congressional insider trading, establish a collaborative problem-solving approach, not divisive partisan politics, with a people-centric agenda, not lobbyist-centric. As the first tech-savvy representative, I will grow our economy, bring American jobs back to restore our supply chain integrity and ensure that our innovation economy thrives as the world's innovation hub.


Tom from Nerds for Humanity pod 01/02/2024
I like Rishi. He comes across as a pragmatic, centrist, tech exec who has put in the time and been knocking on doors for multiple cycles. He also brings a lot of policy details and a great organization and doesn't take PAC money.

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