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Timothy Grady

Generally Better Results


Governor of Ohio


Twitter: @DarkHorse4Ohio

Timothy Grady is the centrist, independent write-in candidate for governor of Ohio. The outcome of the 2022 Ohio gubernatorial election is not really in question. But this run is not about the election, it's about the campaign. The Dark Horse Campaign aims to advance a new politics and policy based around new economic thinking based in complexity, evolutionary, and innovation economics. The primary purpose of the Dark Horse Campaign is to win hearts and minds, not votes, because the preservation of American values such as free exchange, pluralism, democracy, and rule of law is not a function of government but instead relies on the people. Most important of all, politics should be fun and enjoyable and a discussion of who we want to be and not a partisan battle to the bitter end on apocalyptic terms. The Dark Horse Campaign is fun and everyone is invited to join, actually voting for us is optional.

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