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Jamaal Gulledge : Archived

CA State Senate District 28

Building a better tomorrow.

If luck is defined as when preparation meets opportunity, my “career preparation” has taken an irregular, circuitous path. It has enabled me to develop a unique skill set, from food services, assisted living/healthcare, and now through approximately seven years of public service finds me presented with an opportunity I’m fortunate to have, and more importantly, am qualified, engaged, and prepared for. I was born in Portland, Oregon, and raised by a single mother who worked for the city. Though my mother worked hard to provide for us, we struggled to make ends meet like many in the 28th Senate district. Despite the struggles, I became the first male in my family to receive an undergraduate degree, and the first male in my family to receive a master's degree. I am running to represent the great people of the 28th Senate district because I know the hardships we face. I live, shop, dine and experience what life is like in our district daily, and understand the unique needs of our neighbors. I am not a traditional candidate, and if I am fortunate to be elected. I promise not to be a traditional candidate. I will always be available to my constituents and like my mom always taught me, I will never forget my humble beginnings. I humbly ask for your support.


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