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Cenk Uygur

US President

Policy. Policy. Policy.

The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes – We Need a New Candidate Biden is 13 POINTS LOWER THAN when he barely beat Trump in the Electoral College (44,000 votes) Biden is 24 POINTS BEHIND Trump on the economy – the most important issue Biden is currently TRAILING TRUMP when he has to win the popular vote by 5 points to win the Electoral College Biden is now DOWN in FIVE OUT OF SEVEN swing states Policy. Policy. Policy. 1. Time Off for Parents - Paid Family Leave (84% of Americans support) 2. Higher Wages - $15 Minimum Wage (65% of Americans support) 3. Affordable Health Insurance – Public Option (68% of Americans support) 4. Fight Corruption – End Gerrymandering (90% of Americans support) 5. Allow Medicare to Negotiate Drug prices (83% of Americans support)


Tom from Nerds for Humanity pod 12/01/2023
I spent 45 minutes with Cenk on the Nerds for Humanity podcast. I found him energetic, enthusiastic, had a strong set of arguments, and convinced me of the risk of a Biden general election campaign. He's obviously a long shot but I approve.
Nick Nunnelkee 11/22/2023
Cenk is a comedian, so it is naturally funny that he is running for president. I hope he uses his campaign to convince people to consider the most capable candidates in the race, particularly Dean Phillips.

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