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Colin J. Hardin : Archived

Mayor 40208

A Better Way is Possible

Colin Hardin is a 33 year old half-black half-white man who has worked in the restaurant industry for the last 10 years. Customer service and the joy of taking care of other people has inspired Colin up to this point, but his desire for greater service to his community has led him on this journey. Colin lives by a code of service, the traditional idea of Bushido, that calls for trust, respect, and duty to the community. He refuses to compromise on his authenticity seeing it as a betrayal of this moral code, and he believes that if anyone should be elected mayor of Louisville they should win as themselves rather than as a fake persona. Personal responsibility is one of the most important ideas to Colin. He believes that we all have a role to play in our community, and if Louisville fails then he did too. He wants to lend a hand to everyone in our city, giving each and every single person from Fairdale to Portland to Prospect and Jeffersontown an opportunity to pull themselves into a world of prosperity. He believes that the best times are coming if we can work together and make Louisville great.

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