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Mike Pompeo : Archived

US President (potential)

Never give an inch.

Michael R. Pompeo served as the 70th Secretary of State of the United States, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and was elected to four terms in Congress representing the Fourth District of Kansas. He is a distinguished fellow at Hudson Institute, where he focuses on promoting U.S. national security, technological leadership and global engagement. Mike’s first leadership lessons came as an Assistant Manager at Baskin-Robbins for two years before he headed to the United States Military Academy at West Point where he graduated first in 1986. He served as a cavalry officer in the U.S. Army, leading troops as an Armor officer patrolling the Iron Curtain. Mike left the military in 1991 and then graduated from Harvard Law School, having served as an editor of the Harvard Law Review. Up next was almost a decade leading two manufacturing businesses in South Central Kansas – first in the aerospace industry and then making energy drilling and production equipment. ABOUT MIKE POMPEO 70th SECRETARY OF STATE In 2010, Mike watched as government grew too big and decided to run for Congress. He won and was re-elected three more times to represent South Central Kansas – the heartland of America. Becoming America’s most senior spy, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency was Mike’s next chance to champion American values. President Donald Trump saw that good work and decided to make Mike America’s 70th Secretary of State. As our nation’s most senior diplomat in the Trump Administration and President Trump’s chief negotiator, Mike helped to craft U.S. foreign policy based on our nation’s founding ideals that put America First. America became a massive energy exporter and a force for good in the Middle East with real peace cemented in the Abraham Accords. Mike placed special emphasis on renewing alliances with key allies, including India, Japan, Australia, and South Korea. He also led a return to America’s founding principles and a focus on every human life being worthy and the protection of the unborn. The largest human rights gatherings ever held at the State Department occurred under his leadership. Mike currently leads Champion American Values PAC and Champion American Values Fund, organizations dedicated to pushing forward the central understandings of individual liberty as our Founding Fathers understood them. Married to Susan, Mike and his wife have one son, Nick and love their daughter-in-law Rachael. The Pompeos dedicated many volunteer hours to their home church — including teaching 5th grade Sunday School and Mike’s time as a church Deacon. Mike and Susan’s two retrievers, Sherman and Mercer, each named after important generals, are patriots too!


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