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Josh Weil : Archived

U.S. Senate (FL)

I believe in human rights, above all else.

Joshua Weil is a proud father, a high school math teacher, and Florida's progressive choice for US Senate in 2022. I live in Orlando with my wife Anna, and our two boys. I get up every morning and make three breakfasts and three lunches before shuffling my kids off to school. We play Pokémon cards, watch hockey, and never miss an MCU film. What I'm NOT is a career politician looking to maintain the status quo in Washington. I was moved to join the race by my children and students, who deserve to grow into a society where we care about the facts, the planet, and each other. The United States spent $9.8T last year, and somehow does so without bothering to ensure that every American has clean water, a place to live, and access to food and health care. It is embarrassing, we can do better, we have every resource we need, except one: 50 United States Senators willing to vote "Yes!" We can't just sit back and leave these problems to grow and hope our children will fix what we know is broken now. We must act by taking on corruption and injustice head-on. There's plenty of work to be done, and together, we can win.


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