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Marie Gluesenkamp Perez : Archived

US Congress (WA)

Working for Washington

Marie is a Latina, and a pro-choice mom from a rural community. She is a successful businesswoman who owns and operates a local car repair shop with her husband. She gets how tough it is to run a small business, and as a mother herself, for families to make ends meet these days. Marie will bring people together with common sense ideas to cut inflation, expand career and technical education, create good paying local jobs, and protect a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions. A recent poll shows Marie with a narrow lead in her race against White nationalist and far-right radical extremist Joe Kent. Joe Kent routinely uses violent rhetoric and promotes hatred and division. His campaign has paid consulting fees to a member of The Proud Boys and Kents says he would release all those convicted of January 6th crimes. He spreads conspiracy theories and lies, including his repeated claims that the 2020 election was stolen. The stark difference between Marie and her opponent is drawn out in this recent New York Times piece: NYTimes: The Midterm Race That Has It All


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