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Glenn Youngkin

US President (potential)

A new day in America

Governor Glenn Youngkin is the 74th governor of the great Commonwealth of Virginia. He is a man of humble roots who is devoted to his family, highly accomplished in business, and now, a dedicated and passionate public servant committed to making Virginia the best place to live, work and raise a family. Glenn was born in Richmond and grew up in Virginia Beach. When his father lost his job, Glenn pitched in to help by getting a job washing dishes and frying eggs at a diner in Virginia Beach. Taking his hard work and determination to the basketball court, he earned an athletic scholarship to Rice University, where he received an engineering degree. He also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. After college and business school, Glenn worked his way to the top of the Carlyle Group as co-CEO, playing a key role in building Carlyle into a leading global investment firm. Now as the 74th governor of Virginia, Glenn implements the best practices he used in business to ensure government works better for Virginians. During the 2021 gubernatorial campaign, Glenn brought together Virginians from all corners of the Commonwealth. The 2021 Youngkin winning coalition wasn’t just Republicans, but also Democrats, Independents, suburban voters, rural voters, Latinos, women, veterans, Asian Virginians, Black Virginians and, most importantly, parents. On his first day in office, the Governor signed eleven executive orders enacting his Day One Agenda. In just a few months, Glenn has delivered for Virginians by empowering parents, strengthening our law enforcement, and signing the largest tax cut in Virginia history – four billion dollars. Married for 28 years to his amazing wife Suzanne, Glenn is a dedicated father of four wonderful children.


Ashley Alvernaz 09/20/2023
Center-Right governor with adorable dad energy. Pro-parent, pro-education, pro-law enforcement. He supports the COVID vaccines but not the mandates. He established guidelines against schools changing the name or pronouns of students. He wants school choice and a 15 week restriction on abortion, however his state congress still enjoys Dem majority so since the Dems are in anti-school choice teacher union pockets, and Dems only want abortion until birth, he’s hoping that the GOP will win the majority of state congress so that he can pass the rest of his agenda. He’s best known for stealing the win from a blue leaning state where the dem candidate, and previous governor, Terry McAuliffe was supposed to win. There was controversy because the schools were infusing their curriculum with divisive ideology stemming from “critical race theory” and teachers, school boards, McAuliffe & the media were lying about the curriculum, and lying about the risk of sexual assault to girls as a result of allowing biological males, who did not identify as male, access to female spaces. Youngkin surged in the polls after McAuliffe famously said that parents shouldn’t have a say in the children’s education/curriculum. Instead of just addressing parent concerns, Mainstream media just piled on to the gaslighting & claimed things like “there’s no CRT in schools” and even depicted a father of a rape victim as an angry, hateful person. In the same election year, another GOP candidate in a blue state, New Jersey, came extremely close to winning. Then a little later, GOP Governor DeSantis won a swing state by a landslide. (Interestingly enough, democrat Newsom barely won CA, which implies relatively weak support considering its a super-Blue state.) The key demographic that tilted the election from blue to red were women & parents who were fed up with the failures of the schools system, the COVID school shutdowns, CRT and the attacks on female-only spaces. The lesson was clear to everyone except to those clinging to their denial: POLITICIANS MUST STOP TAKING PARENTS & WOMEN’S VOTES FOR GRANTED. Actually listen. Address our concerns. Stop gaslighting us…. Because our vote WILL make or break you. Virginia has a weird rule that the governor cannot serve his next term consecutively. Therefore, Youngkin is ineligible for the 2026 term and there’s speculation he could run for President 2024. I hope that he focuses more on his own state for now. Maybe he could consider a presidential campaign in 2028 since he will not be governor in that year. If he can successfully convince his state to vote in flip state congress red, to pass the rest of his agenda, he could have a strong record to go off of, should he desire to run for president. Also, he seems much more personable and warm than the other top contenders.

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