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Michael Dean

US President

Planning at the Pinnacle of Human Innovation, not Corporate Profit.

Hello. My name is Michael Dean. For the last several years I have dedicated myself to finding a new way. Everything else aside, how do we get from where we are, to what I assume the majority would want, a Star Trek like existence. After reviewing the plan and you understand how much time and thought I've put into it, I hope you will appreciate that that is the assurance that I certainly do care about you and your future. Creating a seamless transition to a New Way of Life in 10-15 Years -Vote to change the term ‘Citizens’ to ‘Owners’ -Create a National Inheritance by metering and taxing Natural Resource depletion & Data collection -Establish National Inheritance Compensation (NIC) for ‘Owners,’ an alternative to UBI -Redirect Tax Subsidies & Benefits from Corporations to Small Businesses, and to help afford Healthcare & Education for All -Eliminate Income Taxes for incomes under $150k, and all Homestead Property Taxes -Create Blue Cross Peace Officer Divisions, without weapons. Carrying info to all local assisstance programs, serving the public as Siblings, to break the division between Police & ‘Owners,’ and to be the new healers of our Society -End the War on Drugs & begin a War on the Mental Health Crisis -Legalize Marijuana and Hemp, and Pardon all related Non-Violent Crime -Create a Raw Material & Economic Boom by implementing an Industrial Hemp Revolution -Create a Materials Science & Construction Revolution through 3-D Printing Technology of hemp fibrous resins -Drive down the Cost of Living in every Industry -Utilize Industrial Hemp Growth to Clean Our Planet’s Air, Water, and Soil. Removing 1.63 tons of carbon per ton grown, sequestering some into the soil, also while removing heavy metals & radiation(successfully used in Chernobyl). -Use Industrial Hemp Building materials & paper to end deforestation, and begin restoring the virgin forests & wildlife. -Replace all Current Plastics with Biodegradable Plant-based Plastics -Incorporate Organic Gardening into all new Infrastructure Deals -Employ NASA level engineering to begin designing & creating Self-Sufficient, Space Age Cities. Including Floating & Subterranean Cities, & Off-Planet settlements to enable a National Fire Escape Plan for All, in case of meteor impacts, major volcanos, etc, to Safeguard our Families & Way of Life -Much, much more… "These Officers of Peace will be the new Healers of our Society. Helping to lift each citizen no matter their level of disparity. These ranks should be filled by those officers whose hearts and desires are equal to the task. No person will be discriminated against for any reason. All citizens who are suffering will receive the care they need and deserve. When people in bad situations see a blue cross coming they don't have to be afraid. They can feel the same as when they see a red cross coming. Safe, and know that they are not alone, in the greatest nation on Earth. The real America." DEAN2024 is an opportunity for Americans to come together and fast forward a better future for ourselves and countless generations. Otherwise, the Blue Cross Movement is and will remain a pursuit to end the Monopoly over Humanity. It is not a club, or a cult, or a new religion. Its just a plan.


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