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Michael Dean

Peace & Prosperity for All. What else is there?

President of the United States

Twitter: @UniversalCandid

Hello. My name is Michael Dean and am completely unaffiliated except for matters pertaining to the peace and prosperity of all people. I have created a plan to implement a feasible transition from our current way of life to a true Utopian Space-Age. I didn’t take any special interests into account when I created this plan, just what I believe to be the most optimal path forward for our Nation and the World. Please review the YouTube video linked for a better idea of the foundation of this platform. 10/28/2022: Im in the process of reorganizing this campaign. Updated videos and other info will be available after January 1, 2023. Thank you for your patience. Feel free to find me on Twitter and ask me anything pertaining to this campaign and the future of America. The main idea of the plan is to fast forward 100 years in 10 to 15 years time, and transition from our tax-based economy to a resource-based economy, and a society whose primary practice is maintaining domestic tranquility, and a true space age. Here’s a list of bullet points for a vague idea of and how we will facilitate that transition: -Vote to change the term ‘Citizens’ to ‘Owners’ -Create a National Inheritance through Mineral & Data Rights for ‘Owners’ -Establish a National Inheritance Compensation (NIC), an alternative to UBI -Redirect Tax Subsidies & Benefits from Corporations to Small Businesses, and to help afford Healthcare & Education for All -Eliminate Income Taxes for incomes under $150k, and all Homestead Property Taxes -Create Blue Cross Peace Officers, without weapons, to break the division between Police & ‘Owners’ -End the War on Drugs & begin a War on the Mental Health Crisis -Legalize Marijuana and Hemp, and Pardon all related Non-Violent Crime -Bring a Raw Material & Economic Boom by implementing an Industrial Hemp Revolution -Create a Materials Science & Construction Revolution through 3-D Printing Technology -Drive down the Cost of Living in every Industry -Utilize Industrial Hemp Growth to Clean Our Planet’s Air, Water, and Soil -Replace all Current Plastics with Biodegradable Plant-based Plastics -Incorporate Organic Gardening into all new Infrastructure Deals -Employ NASA level engineering to begin designing & creating Self-Sufficient, Space Age Cities -Make an Infrastructure plan to build the Space Age Cities, including Subterranean portions, Floating Cities, and off Planet Establishments, enabling a National Fire Escape Plan, to save as many people as possible, and our way of life and technology, from any disaster That’ll give you a decent idea about what we’re looking at. Once again, please find me on Twitter with any questions or concerns. I’m happy to answer any question you may have. Otherwise I hope you’ll look forward to hearing more from this campaign, and solutions for our future. Oh, and by the way, we’ve been capable of all this since at least the 50s or 60s, and technically we could already be in this true space-age by now. Food for thought.

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