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Andrew Legnani : Archived

House of Representatives CT District 1

Representation should be of the people not of the Corporations.

My name is Andrew J. Legnani, and I was born and raised in Berlin, Connecticut. I worked for a few years after graduating high school before going to school for EMS. Shortly thereafter, I volunteered and worked as an EMT and saw firsthand the difficulties surrounding people being able to afford healthcare. Oftentimes I watched as people who truly needed early intervention signed refusal to treat forms due to the fact that they knew they couldn't afford the copay or were scared that the doctors would find something wrong that would require expensive long-term hospitalization and lead to them losing their jobs. After four years, I decided that I needed to educate myself so that I could better understand the world and learn how to use my intellect to improve other peoples’ lives. I went to college and got my BA at CCSU, where I learned a lot about different people and cultures from all over the world. I realized one thing that was causing a lot of pain in the world was coming from within our government - paid off politicians. When I received my Bachelor’s in Political and Legal History, I began my personal journey in politics with the goal of making my community a better place. I was appointed to the Parks and Recreation Commission and worked on multiple projects for the town of Berlin. I am running because I want to challenge the current status quo of paid off politicians refusing to do even the simplest things to help the people of our district, as well as our state and country. Like my father said, if you see something going wrong, it is up to you to do something about it rather than just stand around and complain. I refuse to stand idly by while corporate politicians harm my community by denying people basic human rights such as healthcare, clean water and air. Black and brown communities face the additional hardship of suffering under an unjust for-profit criminal justice system. It is crucial that these issues and more be addressed. I hope to be the one to bring these ideas to Congress on behalf of my community members, as they have waited long enough for change. I refuse to accept even one cent of funding from multimillionaires. My campaign is funded by the people of my district, my state, and other fellow Americans who are done with corporate bought-and-paid-for politicians.


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