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Scott Rosochacki

Substance over Form


County Commissioner District 3 (MN)


Twitter: @Scott4MNCC3

Our democracy, the one we envision that fights for truth, justice, and equality for all is something that many of us see not living up to its promises. This is something that I view as completely unacceptable. This promise and the service to this country and its people is what has driven me to once again to answer that call. I will strive and model my campaign after Clan MacMillian’s motto: Miseris succurrere disco “I learn to succour (help) the distressed” in honor of my late grandmother Jeanne MacMillan. I promise that while I may not always know the answer, I will have the integrity to not speak in platitudes but commit myself to finding the answer and using that knowledge to provide for the citizens that I would have the honor to represent.