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Donald J. Trump

US President

America’s Comeback starts RIGHT NOW…

The American Way of Life is under attack while career politicians destroy our economy and sabotage our nation’s incredible potential. We will take our country back from the corrupt Washington establishment and return power to the American people, where it belongs. We will achieve a future of prosperity, security, and peace — creating once again the greatest economy in the history of the world, defending our borders, restoring energy independence, and leading with strength and pride on the world stage. It is time to put America First once more and usher in a glorious new era of faith, family, and freedom. Together, we will save lives, save jobs, and save America. Join me in our unstoppable mission to Make America Great Again.


Nikki Jordyn 09/20/2023
As an analyst myself, I agree with presidential scholars, including those at the Siena College Research Institute, who rank presidents based on various attributes and accomplishments such as integrity, intelligence, luck, and willingness to take risks, as well as abilities like compromising, executive ability, leadership, communication, and overall ability. They also consider accomplishments in party leadership, relationship with Congress, court appointments, handling the economy, executive appointments, domestic accomplishments, foreign policy accomplishments, and the ability to avoid mistakes. According to these scholars, Donald Trump has been ranked among the worst five, and I share this perspective. Lastly, he was impeached twice, and impeachments are rare. It says a lot when your own party crosses party lines to get you out. Disapprove.
Tom from Nerds for Humanity pod 09/13/2023
This man will go down in history as one of the most divisive and toxic presidents ever. From the perfect call, to COVID minimization, to a revolving door of senior talent, to son in law grift, to nothing on healthcare, to nothing on infrastructure, to trying to overturn a lost election to stay in power, this man is a cancer.

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