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Alan Lee

U.S. President

YOU will decide Issues. Not Congress. Not the President. Not even - me.

DEMOCRATS! Republicans are NOT, your enemy. REPUBLICANS! Democrats are NOT, your enemy. CORRUPTION CLIMATE CHANGE CRIME POVERTY NUCLEAR WAR INJUSTICE THOSE, are our enemies. Do we ALL, live here or what? Do we ALL, want the BEST, for our FAMILIES and our CHILDREN or what? Stop acting like dogone BABIES! Stop ATTACKING each other. Let's attack the enemy instead. Think, People - THINK! Work with me to attack our REAL enemies INSTEAD, of - EACH OTHER. - Alan Lee. Honest, REAL, (and poor) guy4president. Running for President in 2024. Ya, I said PRESIDENT. That's: P.R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T. https://sites.google.com/view/honestrealand-poorguy4presiden/introduction


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