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Jay Mcfarland : Archived

US Congress (UT)

Principles over Party

Jay Mcfarland has spent the last twenty years fighting for principled politics as a talk radio show host in multiple markets. He believes that there is no problem in this world that can’t be solved if people are willing to have respectful conversations about their disagreements. Jay has learned how to change hearts and minds by focusing on common ground between all his positions, and treating everyone with dignity and respect.Jay is a man of many hats. He left his position with KSL NewsRadio (as the host of the JayMac News Show) in 2020 to run for Congress in Utah’s 4th Congressional district. JayMac is the host of the JayMac Podcast, which is available on all major social media platforms. Additionally, he runs a podcast production company and he is a Senior Tax Advisor with Trader Tax Pros in Lehi, Utah. Jay is a visionary leader and innovator who always strives to improve his skills. He has published two books on marriage and parenting that have helped many people find more joy in their relationships with one another. JayMac has also created courses for Pluralsight on topics like game development, mobile app development, web design and business success. He has also published over 100 mobile games for Android and iOS devices.In 2020 Jay helped co-found LiftPolitics.org which is dedicated to restoring civility and humanity to today’s political environment. Although Jay has since left Lift Politics to run for office, he still adheres to the Lift Politics Guiding Principles and he challenges everyone to do the same. Jay was born in Bountiful, Utah and served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where he worked with the Spanish speaking population. In 1991, Jay married his wife Tiina and they are the proud parents of four adult children, one dog, and two cats.An important note is that Jay’s given name is Joey Mcfarland Smith. He became known as Jay Mcfarland when his first radio program director informed him that Joey Smith was a terrible radio name. Later on, a different program director began referring to him as “JayMac” and the nickname stuck. The only people who call him Joey nowadays are his wife and his mother.


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