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Brian Mannix : Archived

New York's 8th District of The House of Representatives

We can form a more perfect union by ending the two party duopoly with Open Primaries and Ranked-Choice Voting creating a new path forward.

Brian Mannix is a father, a locally and national award winning teacher and Tech Staff Developer [Most Influential in Public Education & Educator Leader of the Year], a serial entrepreneur, musician and former Trustee of the Village of Sea Cliff. I am the sixth Great Grandson of Richard Henry Lee, the man who proposed our colonies break free from Great Britain and form their own nation. My candidacy is an effort to bring the function of the United States government more in line with the ideals of The Declaration of Independence through Open, Ranked-Choice Voting Primaries, a 21st century smart, efficient government with digital infrastructure that basis its policies on fact, not ideology, a human centered economy, a Universal Basic Income for every American 18 and over, and a disposition that leads with grace and tolerance toward all of those who disagree, The main thrust of the Mannix for Congress campaign is collecting, categorizing, designing a plan for success and then implementing that plan to get the specific top NEED of each and every resident in NY-8. We will engage with Republicans, Democrats, Working Families Party and Independents, not to ask what their top policy position, but simply to ask them to describe and define their top NEED in life. Those NEEDs will go in real time to the Digital Natives Congressional Internship Program where college students across majors and across the country will categories the NEEDs and, as a team, develop an actionable solution or required legislation necessary to make sure every resident in District 8's top NEED is met. My specific policies call for a Manhattan Project level initiative titled The Climate Change Carbon Reduction Program where scientists from around the world deal with an inevitable long term solution to our earth's decaying environment and ozone layer by attempting to physically remove the carbon in the atmosphere in a safe and potentially re-purpose-able ways. I believe that the right to a public education should be made part of a federal mandate in the constitution providing for a guaranteed roof over your head and access to single payer healthcare for all. With regard to education we need to make federal levels of acceptable student tools, including a 20 to 1 teacher to student ratio, a smart phone, a Google Mini w/headphone, a Chromecast for attachment to school and home televisions as well as internet access both at school and at home. These are the bare minimums that every student should be equipped with today, the same way students used to be equipped with pens and paper, notebooks, crayons and rulers. To level our education disparities, we need to initiate a baseline level of student equipment that is necessary for learning in the 21st Century. Every student now needs a smarthphone, a smart speaker and internet access. Without these, how can our students prepare for a future that involves these tools to learn and excel. In addition to our educational system that needs a funding structural overhaul, our police departments need to be looked at with regard to their effectiveness in making communities safer rather than more dangerous, just rather than filled with injustice and the lack of adequate protection or representation of black and brown communities in District 8 and all across the country, Police have come under fire in the last ten or so years due to their interactions and sometimes questionable use of force and the badge which they are supposed to stand behind with Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect as they implement their duties to protect and serve. The problem is that, due to past practices, police officers are in no way trusted in poor, black and brown communities across the country. To remedy this opposition, the police for will be mandated to serving 1/3 of their on-duty time serving the community in homeless shelters, VA Hospitals, schools, public parks, civic groups, etc. The police need to become more integrated in a positive manner in the communities where they protect and serve to enable them to better achieve their roles of crime prevention and safety . To read more about my policy specifics, feel free to visit https://mannixforcongress.com/forward-party-tenets or simply interview my BotRep by saying 'Ok Google, Talk To Brian Mannix for Congress' to any Google Assistant/Home/Nest device.


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