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Dan Whitfield : Archived

US Senate (AR)

Rebuild with Whitfield

Dan is running for office as a common sense Democrat. He believes a senator should should be for their constituents, not special interests. Dan's platform allows for a completely transparent, delegate, senator. It’s time we have elected senators that are by the people FOR the people. Dan has pledged to not waste half of his time in office working for you to run a reelection campaign and solicit donations to convince you he is doing a good job. Dan has pledged to hold 12 townhalls per year so that he can listen to his constituents concerns and relay them into the legislative process. Dan has pledged to continue his weekly livestream Q&As in order to keep his constituents up to date on current issues. Dan has pledged to submit up to 12 bills per year that are created by his constituents, not special interest lobbyists. Dan has pledged to uphold his commitments and promises of supporting the policies that get him elected upon and after taking office. The time has arrived for a new Era in Politics!


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