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Ahmed Mostafa

US Congress (CA-16)

Championing Safe Tech & Human Dignity.

A Champion for Progress, Innovation, and Human Dignity Ahmed Mostafa has been fighting for human dignity his entire life. As a seasoned Tech Policy Expert and an unwavering attorney for Women’s Rights, Ahmed brings experience and know-how from the heart of Silicon Valley's tech industry and the frontlines of legal advocacy. Raised in the very neighborhoods he seeks to represent, Ahmed's roots run deep within the community. His journey began as a student body president at Foothill College, where he was able to secure funding to save tutorial services and open classes required for transfer. His path continued when he held state assemblymen accountable by registering the most student voters in the nation, a record at the time, and forcing them to sign pledges to secure funding for universities as student body vice president at UC Santa Barbara–a feat he achieved after being at the university for only six months. He tackled some of the most pressing issues of our digital era, from combating hate speech to ensuring safe implementation of AI. After law school Ahmed returned to the bay area where he began his legal career as a law clerk with Santa Clara County Public Defender ensuring everyone's human dignity was represented by holding prosecutors to their burden of proof. Recognizing and maintaining the same principles of human dignity in law, Ahmed began an illustrious pro bono career representing survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and founded a social networking app catered to protect Muslim women. His experience in founding his own tech company opened the door to transition as a policy strategist at Google. There, he tackled some of the most pressing issues of our digital era, from combating hate speech to ensuring safe implementation of AI. Parallel to his corporate accomplishments, Ahmed's heart was always with the people. His tenure as the director of the Stanford Survivors' Pro Bono Clinic wasn't just a job—it was a mission. Here, he fought for the rights of those silenced and sidelined, ensuring their voices were heard and their dignity restored. His unwavering commitment to justice earned him the prestigious title of Pro Bono Attorney of the Year by a national women’s rights organization, a testament to his relentless advocacy. As a Congressional candidate, Ahmed stands as the embodiment of innovation, equity, and integrity. He's not just running for office; he's striving to elevate the discourse, to bring about actionable change, and to create a future where technology serves the people–not harms them, and justice serves as the foundation of our society–not hiding in the shadows. His campaign is not a solo journey but a collective movement powered by the voices of the community. His unwavering commitment to justice earned him the prestigious title of Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Ahmed's campaign is focused on delivering nuanced and comprehensive policies that promote ethical technological advancement, uphold human dignity, and fervently support international peace and justice. Join Ahmed Mostafa in his pursuit to champion progress, uphold human dignity, and ensure that the 16th district leads the way in forging a future that is just, equitable, and filled with opportunity for all.


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