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Catherine Fleming Bruce : Archived

United States Senate

My goal is to preserve, protect and defend the American values of civil rights, human rights, social justice and opportunity for all through a legacy of engagement from my own family and from persons in history.

Catherine's mission is public service. She has worked with partners in every county in the Palmetto State, in other states, and in other parts of the world, to support legislation that protects our rights, expands economic opportunity and defends democratic values. One of her greatest opportunities was appointment as Foreman to the State Grand Jury that was directed to conduct our state’s longest public corruption investigation. It uncovered unlawful actions between lawmakers, lobbyists and some of the state’s most prominent institutions, through 'dark money' and 'pay for influence' tactics. The two-year investigation resulted in the conviction and removal of some lawmakers and a full report on their activities. Catherine believes that the task before us in 2022 is to vote to ensure that the majority of our nation’s elected leaders are committed to our democracy, our Constitution, and a future where the challenges before us are strategically and properly addressed. Only in this way can our diverse populations thrive together in a just system of opportunity and common good.


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