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Lourin Hubbard : Archived

CA- Congressional District 22

We the People are the government and that a government made by Us, and made up of Us, should work for Us.

I was in my junior year at Fresno State when my mother passed away in 2011. I still remember getting that medical bill less than 30 days after she died. I was so lost. How could our healthcare system be so broken, and what could I do about it? It was a call to action for me that launched my career in public service working for the Department of Social Services. I wanted to help those people like my mother who work hard but need just a little bit of help to get by. Soon I transitioned to retirement counseling to try to help those who have done the work to serve our communities to maintain a decent lifestyle in their senior years, and later I became an operations manager at the Water Resources Control Board to help our rural, disadvantaged communities get and keep a supply of clean water, and to lead frontline conservation efforts and support family farms. I decided to run for congress because I wanted to act on the issues that not only impact my life but also the lives of my community. A lot of the injustices that are hurting our community are problems that the federal government can solve, that it should be solving, and that it should have been solving all along.


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