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Erik Storesund : Archived

US House of Representatives, Connecticut District 3

We need a new way of doing things, because while we may not be sure if the new ways will work, we can be certain that the old ways definitely wont.

WHO I AM Hello, I'm Erik Storesund and I'm running for Congress as an Andrew Yang Democrat for Connecticut's 3rd district, the Greater New Haven area. While I have no prior experience in politics, as I wanted to be an artistic hermit rather than a public servant, I now feel called upon to serve my country at the only level I feel will make a difference in the very short window of time we have left before multiple overlapping tsunami's begin to overwhelm our society. The tsunami of our collapsing biosphere and the tsunami of exponentially advancing artificial intelligence will not slow down or wait for us to be ready as a nation to be able to handle them, they are coming whether we are ready or not. I propose 15 major policy changes that cannot happen fast enough, from Universal Basic Income to an AI Safety Commission, from Ending the Forever Wars to Reforming our Intellectual Property Rights, from Universal Healthcare to Ranked Choice or Approval Voting, from Treating Climate Change like a War Effort to Decriminalizing Addiction. WHAT I NEED At this time I basically need a whole campaign team, From a treasurer to a campaign manager, a web and social media director, field operations, data analytics, so on and so forth. This is not to mention the many volunteers I'll need from New York or New England who would be willing to come to knock on doors or phone/textbank later on down the line. So far I've been doing this largely by myself with only a little bit of help from a couple of volunteers, but sooner or later I'm going to need a real team to help me actually get this done. If I'm going to turn this exercise in absurdity and longest of longshots into a reality, I'm going to need a lot of help.


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