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Donna Imam : Archived

US Congress (TX-37) 78717

Take back Texas.

People who work for a living are America’s biggest assets. They get up every single morning and dedicate their day to creating value for this country and its businesses, big and small. Even though they create enormous wealth for America, and their hard work is essential to our economic success, most have been left behind. As we recover from the pandemic, many Americans are still coming to terms with the loss of over 600,000 family members. More than half a million are homeless right now, with over 11 million behind in rent and millions facing imminent eviction. Unemployment, lack of child care, and looming student loan debt keep working families up at night. Over 32 million Americans are still uninsured, and many more are still unable to see a doctor because they are underinsured or can’t afford the deductible.

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