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Salvador Solorio-Ruiz : Archived

Delano City Council

I believe that change can’t wait.

Growing up in Delano, I always had the urge to get involved in politics and help my community. When I moved back home after college, I noticed a group of young people who were civically engaged and thought it was phenomenal. I remember thinking to myself, not only do they know the issues facing our community but they’re doing something about it. For years, the Delano City Council has remained the same: Winning a seat meant the community could be represented by folks with fresh, new ideas. I ran on the slogan of “change can’t wait,” which let voters know the urgency and need for change. We have Democrats statewide, in Senate, Congress and City Council, but being a Democrat shouldn’t be the only green light for a vote. What matters is whether that Democrat fights for the working class and uplifts marginalized communities.


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