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Joby Bernstein

US Congress (CA-16)


I’m Joby Bernstein and I’m running for Congress (CA-16) because it’s time for fresh leadership in Silicon Valley. I'm deeply committed to addressing the pressing issues our district faces, from climate change to education and immigration. Palo Alto is my home. I’m an avid nature seeker, and I spend my free time biking on Skyline and trail running in Wunderlich Park. But you don’t have to look far beyond our doorstep today to realize our planet is in trouble. To effectively turn the tides on climate change, we’ll need to invest in protecting the environment, cultivate the best minds with accessible higher education, and retain the best talent through immigration reform. I want to bring fresh energy and innovative solutions to these challenges and help our community and our nation thrive today and into the future. With a background in business, policy, and sustainability, I bring unique perspectives - backed by research and analytics - on how we can revitalize our country for generations to come.


Tom from Nerds for Humanity pod 02/03/2024
Joby strikes me as the most climate-first candidate with deep policy positions especially cool to me is his support of a Carbon dividend. I also like how he's highly educated and very thoughtful about nuanced issues. Bonus points for being an avid hiker and backpacker.

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